Tuesday, 17 January 2017


I found a few sites showing how to link Blynk with IFTTT using the Maker channel service. This thread on the Blynk forums gives a good rundown of how to create a recipe but some of the details seem to be out of date. To get it working you will need to do the following:

  1. Ping the Blynk server (blynk-cloud.com) and copy the IP address. In Australia I'm getting
  2. Create a new IFTTT recipe using the Maker service and use the following parameters:
    1. URL:
    2. Method: GET
    3. Content Type: application/json
    4. Body: leave it blank

Remember to replace "YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN" with you actual token from you Blynk project, PIN_NUMBER with the pin you want to set (eg: D1 or V0) and VALUE with the value you want to set. You should end up with something like this:

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